Hey bikers!

We are incredibly happy and relieved and look forward to seeing you.

Best wishes

Biergarten Biergarten Desinfektion Desinfektion


Dear guests and friends of,

many sectors are affected by the measures to fight the COVID19 pandemic. So is tourism ... and thus WE.

Please stick to your bookings as long as possible.
If there is no other way, please leave the deposit for a new booking.

Thank you very much in advance!
Barbara, your biker friendly guesthouse in Germany's Harz mountains

Hallo, Hej, Привeт, Bonjour, Ciao, Ahoj, Halló, Hello, Hallo, Γειά σου, Tere, Hei Sveiki, Labas, Witaj, Здраво, Helló, Salut

We're looking forward to the season's start in April. Warming up at the burning barrel is guaranteed. :)

It doesn't get
any greener!

BH29 Außenansicht Motorräder auf einem Parkplatz Menschen an Bierbänken

Sleeping like god in France ... oh no, in the Harz mountains!

We offer lots of parking space not visible from the street, a large carport, a small workshop ...

  • resonable room rates
  • great food
  • drinks
  • great music from ABBA to Zappa
  • beer tent
  • beer garden
  • biker bar, cellar
  • "Kellerbier"
  • BBQ area (grill)
  • nice people
  • bikers 'in private'
  • New Year's Eve
  • Father's Day (Ascension Day in Germany)
  • Mother's Day
  • "Biker's Day"
  • nice day

We are the heart in the Harz mountains! We're neighbouring the Eichsfeld, the Kyffhäuser, the Weser uplands.